It’s been a month already?

I'll be honest with you - at first, I only agreed to write a blog because my web designer (hi Tricia!) told me it would help search engines find my website.  And when she reminded me the other day of that fact and that we should get rid of the "Coming Soon!" and actually, you know, post some content, it gave me a bit of anxiety.  Social media in general gives me the willies (thankfully I have a really good team to help me with my postings) and boy, I have like a million other things to do but she was insistent.

I'm from Brooklyn (in case that wasn't already abundantly clear) and there's one thing I've never been shy about and that's giving people my opinion, whether it's asked for or not.  No joke, Brooklynites are trained from birth to get in your face and tell you what they think about anything that comes up.  So I'm used to telling people, face-to-face, what I think.  But it seems so odd that I could write down some musings and people would actually want to come and find out what I had to say.  It seems so...backward.  Anyway, if it helps drive site traffic, great.  But then I started thinking about things like the fact that I'll be attending the International Pizza Expo in Vegas in March and people actually might be interested in hearing about that.  Or that doing research on developing and executing a food truck concept was shockingly more difficult than I expected and that I could give prospective truckers some insight into the process.  Or maybe I can show people that making pizza at home (while potentially kinda messy) isn't so hard.  So consider me a convert.  I'm going to make myself post to this blog at least once a week (probably on Sundays now that my Jets continue their streak of zero-for-my lifetime) and talk to you guys about Pizza, Brooklyn, Food Trucks, or food in general.  I just hope someone besides my mom reads it (love you mom!)

Looking forward to chatting,


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  1. First comment. What do I win?
    • Made In Brooklyn Pizza
      In 30 years or so you can brag to your grandkids about it. Pretty cool, right?
  2. Sam
    Love the blog... And no, this is not you're mom
  3. What can a mother say other than. I am so proud of all the hard work and time u have put into this and I'm not being biased people but Sean is a great cook. Get out there and be proud of this amazing journey u r on. Love mom
  4. I've lived in NJ most of my life, worked in Manhattan for almost 20years, and eaten pizza all over the Tri-State area including Brooklyn and Long Island. The only critiques I have are, after trying a slice, the slice is too small, bigger than most places in Southern California but not big enough by East Coast standards. The second problem is the cheese, it's not gooey or stringy, and there's not enough. I took my first bite which is also supposed to be too hot and my teeth went right thru, without any of the mozzarella cheese stretching at all. The flavor and the crust are there but the mozzarella cheese situation has to be corrected to be an authentic NY, Made In Brooklyn Pizza. Hope this is helpful and I look forward to hearing that you guys made those small tweaks and are nailing it cause the taste is there, thanks

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